Wow- 11 chapters and counting

Yup, you read that right, but don’t get too excited 😉

I’ve done the outlines on 11 chapters and have just gotten to do more detail on the 1st 6.  The story is coming along nicely thanks to some suggestions that I’ve been following on how to sketch this all out.


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Still working #2

That means I’m still working with my pencil and getting things outlined. I realized what I was doing wrong and stepped back. I had my aha moment and then started over again.  So, hopefully by the end of the year (2008 ;))I will have a completed outline and then from there at least a rough sketch of each chapter


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And this is how I feel today. I’ve been banging my head all week against the proverbial wall. I think I’ve figured out the plot problem, but I have a headache now 😛

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Ugh, Argh, and some other GH ending words

So I have a 16 page outline now 🙂

But, the first 4 pages…the back story….well they are the reason for the ugh, argh and other gh ending words. I asked a friend to read the outline for me, but in the way that I do my outline, no one but me would understand it. So I began re-writing it so she could understand it. And I realized that my back story was more all over the place than trying to play 52 card pick up.

So, I’m re working that this weekend. I know where I want to go with it, I just need to get it done. That backstory has a HUGE part to do with the main story.

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Take a look at the sidebar

As you may notice, I’ve added a few pages. Each of those pages is about a character in the book.  The only one completely fleshed out for me to show is Matt Hombold.  The others are in my head, but I’m not ready to share them with you yet….sorry 😦 .

I use pictures of actors to help me imagine who I’m writing about. It takes time for them to come into view in my mind. Believe it or not, Savien and Ainslee haven’t taken complete form in my head yet. Well Savien more so than Ainslee. Hopefully she’ll introduce herself to me soon.



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Three Day Weekend

You’d think a three day weekend would mean getting a lot of writing done. But before I answer that, I don’t subscribe to the rule of a  writer must write 2 hours a day. I’m lucky if I get an hour spread out over a day.  That’s why all my writing is done on a pad of paper carried around in my Andy Warhol bag.  God help who ever steals my writing pens…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

I did manage this three day weekend to get three more pages of the outline done. I write when I’m sitting outside enjoying the waning days of fall. Okay so we really have a lot more of fall to go through, but as long as the sun shines, the wind isn’t whipping, then I’m a happy camper.

I’ve managed to outline into my story one semi-important character, one very minor character (so minor I dont’ have a name for him yet), two story settings that aren’t very important in the long run, well scratch that, one is more important than the other.

As I’m doing this outline (up to 12 pages now) I’ve been hearing a sound track in my mind. Each character has it’s own playlist. I am honestly thinking of making playlists on my iPod for each one.  For instance, one of the semi-important characters is Matt Hombold.  He’s a skaterboy type of guy, went to college when he was probably 13, graduated when he was 16 and then went on to MIT or some other school where he completely blew away his professors with his computer knowledge.  Now he works for Capre Diem (working name of the company).  When he comes to work on his scooter, he carries a messenger bag with his lap top, iPod, a bag of salt and vinegar chips and several bottles of grape soda (Okay I stole that part from the character of Spinelli on General Hospital…but it fits 🙂 ). When I started out lining him I kept hearing songs from Good Charlotte in my head.  So you see, sometimes it’s the music that inspires me.

And now that I’ve put that in my head, I’m off to work on some playlists!


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Welcome to my world :)

Welcome to my blog. Over the next few days (week or so) I’d like to introduce you to the characters of my new book.  So far only four of them (all major players) have made their way from my imagination to the pencil filled lines of my notebook.

I read somewhere that as long as I put pencil(pen) to paper and let my imagination free then I can say that I am a writer. I hope to do that definition justice.

This story is a paranormal romance.  So if that isn’t your field of reading pleasure, I’ll understand if you stop visiting right now.  But if you are interested in how I actually do this, please come back and visit.



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